Basic Manicure $25 

Manicure includes nail trim, shape, buff, cuticle grooming, warm Socion massage, hot towel. Finished with your choice of regular polish. 

No-Chip Manicure $35 

This includes a basic manicure and is finished with selected gel polish, no dry time, leaves a glossy finish. This product is very easy to apply to natural nail, and the gel polish lasting less/more than two weeks depend on the condition of your naturals and how you may take care of nails post manicure. Results can vary.

Hot Stone Manicure $35 

The hot stone manicure is our most luxurious manicure, it's a therapeutic manicure which involves hot stone, nourishing oils, exfoliation, and therapeutic massage. This is basically a type of treatment which involves a deeply relaxing hot stone rock hand and arm massage. It helps to relieve strain and relax your muscles. Finished with your choice of regular polish.

EZ Dip Manicure $45 

EZ Dip nails are a newer product to the market. It preserves your emails and provides you with more strength than traditional manicures. Gel adhesive is applied to nails and dipped into powder. Colors are built into the powder, so the color will not chip, and the high-shine topcoat used dries fully in minutes. Recommend if you would like more strength to your natural nails.



Spa Pedicure $33 

Pedicure includes nail trim, shape, but heel scrub, callus remover, and cuticle grooming. This is followed by 10 minutes of warm lotion massage and warm towel wrap. Finished with your choice of regular polish.

Honey Pedicure $43 

Includes the basic pedicure with exfoliation of the legs and feet. Experience the deep penetrating foot treatment applied to heels which are inserted into warm paraffin wax ideal treatment for the dry and cracked feer. Finished with your choice of regular polish.

Organic Pedicure $48 

Starting with the Herbal Mineral Bath soak, followed by a gentle exfoliation using Liquid Body Lufra, it will take away dead skin of your feet. After nail and cuticles are carefully trimmed and shaped, dry bools are also trailed with the sole solution foot treatment, also the Firewalker food cream, Ice dancer leg gel, they help relax the muscle and take away tiredness. Finally, it's finished off with the soft yet intense hydrating Baobab Body Butter for an ultimate pedicure experience. Finished with your choice of regular polish.

Hot Stone Pedicure $51 

Hot stones are great for reducing stress, relieving tension, decreasing pain, and many more benefits. The bot stone pedicure begins with a basic pedicure, then a unique sugar scrub with many useful oils which also removes dead skin and dirt. Hot stone massage will now be given to the feet. The heat from the stones will make it easier to absorb the moisture from a special oil which will then be applied after. Following are hot towel wraps to help stimulate circulation and soften skin, it will help stimulate circulation and soften skin. Finished with your choice of regular polish.

No-Chip Pedicure $51 

This includes a basic pedicure and is finished with the no-chip polish of your choice. This product is very light, durable on nails & leaves a glossy finish. It lasts up to 2 weeks, with no dry time. 

Signature Pedicure $58 

This pedicure comes in a mineral of your choice Lavender, Green tea, and Coconut: this includes sugar scrub, masks, lotion, and paraffin wax. All of those benefits the skin in many ways, like relieving pain, eliminating nervous tension, enhancing blood circulation, and treating respiratory problems. This treatment begins with a delighted foot soak. Then enjoy the sugar scrub. This scrub enriched with the minerals natural allures your skin nourished and hydrated. Next, receive the mask which is applied to your legs and feet. Our organic essential oil-infused clay mask deeply moisturizes your skin while living your feet smooth and soft. After, a relaxing leg massage with our natural moisturizing lotion, you will lastly be given a soothing paraffin wax treatment. Topping everything off is the Solo Solution foot Treatment Cream for the bottom of your feet. This deluxe pedicure is significant for dry and sensitive skin, it will transform to moisturized and soft. Finished with your choice of regular polish.


Pedicure & Manicure $55 

Spa Pedi & No Chip Mani $65 

No Chip Mani & No Chip Pedi $83 


Full Set

Acrylic $35 

Dip $50 

Gel No Chip $50 

Pink & White Ombre $60 

Pink & White $55 


Acrylic $28 

Gel No Chip $40 

Pink & White Ombre $50 

Pink & White $45 

Pink Ombre $33 

Pink $30 


Nail Design $5 +

Repair $5 +

Cut Down $8 +

French Tip $7 

Paraffin (Hand / Feet) $10 /$12

No Chip Soak Off $10 

Dip Nail Soak Off $10 

Acrylic Soak Off $15 

Coflin, Stiletto, Almond $5 +

Add Extra Long Nails $10 +

Add No Chip Polish on any Pedicure $22 


( Ages 8 and under )

Manicure $16 

Pedicure & Manicure $25 

Mani & Pedi $38 

Princess No-Chip Mani $28 

No Chip Pedi $38 

Spa Pedi & No-Chip Mani $50 

Polish Change Hands/Feet $6 /$8


Lip $6 

Chin $9 

Eyebrow $10 

Underarms $18 

Full Face $35 


Hands / Feet $10 /$12

French Hands / Feet $13 /$15

No Chip Hands / Feet $25 /$30

No Chip French Hands $30